New Construction Inspection

Draw/Phase Inspections

Conducting draw inspections is vital for construction financing, where I play a pivotal role in ensuring funds are allocated properly and projects proceed according to plan. Each inspection offers lenders valuable snapshots of completion percentages, work quality, and timeline adherence. Meticulously comparing progress to approved plans, I verify efficient resource usage and promptly address any deviations or concerns that may arise.

Communication is paramount throughout this process. I maintain regular contact with both lenders and builders, providing updates on project progress and addressing any discrepancies to ensure a smooth flow of funds. By fostering transparent communication and collaboration, I aim to instill confidence in lenders while supporting builders in delivering successful construction projects of high quality.

Starting at $200

Final Inspections

Conducting a New Construction Final Inspection marks the pivotal transition from blueprint to inhabitable structure, where I ensure adherence to quality standards and regulatory requirements. With a focus on every detail, I verify that the property meets or exceeds building codes and industry practices, facilitating a seamless move towards occupancy. From structural elements to finishes, each aspect undergoes rigorous evaluation to guarantee both aesthetic appeal and structural integrity.

Throughout the inspection process, effective communication remains essential. Collaborating closely with stakeholders, including builders and homeowners, I address any identified deficiencies promptly and transparently. By fostering open dialogue and providing clear explanations, I facilitate resolution of issues, ensuring the property is prepared for occupancy. Ultimately, the New Construction Final Inspection validates the builder’s craftsmanship and underscores the collective effort in realizing a successful construction project.

Starting at $400

11th Month Warranty Inspection

Conducting an 11th Month Warranty Inspection is a crucial responsibility, offering homeowners the opportunity to address potential issues before their warranty expires. As the eleventh month approaches, I diligently assess every aspect of the home, from its foundation to finishings, aiming to identify any defects or deficiencies that may have emerged since its construction. By meticulously examining the structure, systems, and components, I provide homeowners with a comprehensive assessment, empowering them to request necessary repairs or replacements covered under their warranty.

Beyond the technical evaluation, the inspection serves to foster trust and transparency between homeowners and builders. As an impartial third party, I facilitate open communication, ensuring that any concerns are addressed satisfactorily. By empowering homeowners with knowledge and advocating for their interests, I play a pivotal role in protecting their investment in their home and maintaining a harmonious relationship between all parties involved.

Starting at $350